Meet The Sisters. 




I’m Emma. I’m a 4th year med school student. Knitter extraordinaire.

And a badass runner. Some even say that I am Emma-nent Danger.

I used to look at runners with envy. Now I run with them.

Running is my greatest joy and my biggest challenge and I love every mile. Running is who I am and what I love to be.

I run to feel stronger

I run to prove to myself that I am better than voices telling me sit down. I run.



Hello! My name is America and I am runner. Do I look like a runner? Certainly not. But I am.

I was the girl in middle school who had my mom write me a note excusing me from running the timed mile because other girls made fun of how my thighs jiggled.

When I say I’m a runner, I am met with skepticism. When I say I am a runner, I am met with the assumption that I run because I want to lose weight.

I run because I want to.

I run because it makes me feel powerful and badass.

Because there are times while running when I feel invincible.


So I am going to run. Jiggly thighs be damned.