Out, But Not Down

Today was the 35th Annual California International Marathon. 

And we did not participate. 

Our dreams of running 26 plus miles came to a reluctant end on October 23rd. It was a Monday night and we missed a weekend long run. The plan was to get 18 miles in that night. Or die trying. 

Travel (both of us) and wedding planning (Emma) and starting a new job in a completely different field (America) caught up with us. We were behind schedule and running out of time. Since it was dark outside, we had chosen a local park to run around. The Sparks Marina has a 2-mile paved path that's relatively well lit. 9 laps stood between us and glory. 

Halfway through, we called it, It was a Monday night, It was getting late and the park was not lit completely. And there was no way we were going to be able to do this. 

There comes a time when a runner hits a wall during training. You either push through or you call it and live to fight another day. Could we have run today? Possibly. Would we have made it? Maybe. But would it have been the race we wanted to run? No. Would we have enjoyed it? Likely not. 

We love running and don't want to jeopardize our relationship with this sport that we love for the sake of a race we are not ready for. 


So we are going to move on from this. We are going to go back to lifting weights for a while. And sleeping in on Saturdays. And running without expectation or without 500 liters of water and 8 gu packs. And we are going to train for our first marathon again. We are going to do it right. We have a better understanding of the commitment this training takes. We have our nutrition down and know what hydration works best. We won't chafe and we'll be ready. 


We have deferred our race until December 2018. We hope to see you there.