Not Quite My Tempo

There are few things more stressful to a runner than the interruption of a training plan. Especially when the runners are insane type-A people with limited time.

This weeks workout was some tempo running and some 800s. We got to a local high school track around 6am only to find the parking lot jam packed with high schoolers. It was Senior Sunrise! Not wanting to crash the first big event for the Class of 2018, we decided to postpone until the afternoon and grab a breakfast burrito.



After a productive day, we returned to the track.

And it was hot. 30 degrees warmer than when we normally train. And we were tired after our long productive day. And dehydrated. And full of either sushi or Vietnamese carbohydrates.

Emma: I have never had a run where I felt my whole body completely opposed what I was doing. I was hot and miserable. It was like running in concrete or quicksand or peanut butter or something else that is impossible to run in. The heat sucked. Our nutrition sucked. Our hydration sucked. No matter how hard I tried to push it, my body said “Nooope.”

America: It was a mentally tough workout. I kept thinking “if I can’t make it through this, how am I going to run 26.2 miles?” It was a hard mentality to break. I tried focusing on pace but I kept getting discouraged because I was slow. And I tried to just keep running but I was tired and it felt like my legs were just tight and I felt sore and it was a mess.


It would be easy to go into a tailspin after such a horrific run.

We are 15 weeks out and these runs are crucial to our success on December 3rd, but they do not determine it.

So we lose this battle and we learn and we live to fight another day.



When you encounter these types of days. What do you do to push through?